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My 5 year old labrador has smelly breath

My lab's breath is smelly, but is even worse after he munches on a bone. How can I make the smell go away?


3 Answers

have you tried brushing your dogs teeth? Either that or you can add some biotene to their water



Hi wcrook

Alexb is right on this one. Brushing their teeth is definitely the way to go.

Dog’s teeth are much the same as ours, so you can imagine what your teeth would look like if you didn’t brush them for 10 years!? Chewy treats and dental dry food can significantly help to reduce plaque build up (and smell) but the gold standard is definitely daily brushing!

Specialised toothbrushes designed for dog’s teeth are best when used in conjunction with a tooth paste that is safe for dogs (don’t use your toothpaste – dogs will swallow this and get sick).

Your vet will show you how to train your dog to tolerate brushing – I promise, it’s not as hard as it sounds!

Good luck


please also remember certain smells can mean infection. Check with vet to see if there any bad teeth, or gum problems


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