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Moving to a rooftop with cats

Dear BV,

I have 2 cats and about to move into a rooftop apartment, we will be the middle apartment. There is plenty of space for Jasper to explore but I'm terrified he will jump onto the wall or over it and land 4 stories down! Please help, what can I do to ease him onto the roof terrace?

Appreciate your help!



1 Answer


Hiya Olinka, thanks heaps for your question - Have you considered a Catio?

A Catio is an outdoor enclosure for cats that are a great way to let your pals enjoy the outdoors, without exposing them to the potential dangers they would face if allowed to roam freely.

Catios range from small enclosures to elaborate screened-in rooms.

If you search online for "Catios" in your area you may find one that would work for your new home.



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