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Maremma bonding

I am currently trying to bond my 5 month old maremma pup with my chickens. While the coop is a bit too small to put her in with them, she does sit outside the coop and I let them out to free range as often as possible and she is with them. She is very interested in them and will often just sit with them and watch, but I am concerned that sometimes I find her picking them up and even shaking them. She even drags them around with their head in her mouth. I have been concerned several times that the chickens may be killed by her. I have been stopping this behavior as I am concerned that she may kill them and even develop a taste for it. Should I let this over "enthusiastic" behavior continue? Is this bonding? The chickens submit every time and seem quite accepting although I am not sure just how much "enthusiasm" they can take. I only let them out when someone is supervising.


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