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Leaky Anal Glands - not impacted


My dogs anal glands keep leaking. They've done this since he was a puppy (he's 4 now, desexed, male). We've taken him to the vet with this problem before and they haven't been able to help us. They aren't impacted at all, they just leak most nights. He leaves horrid smelling fluid on the couches all the time. We've tried feeding him pumpkin and fibre supplements to increase the firmness of his stools in the hopes that that would express them naturally, but it hasn't worked.

Is there anything else you can suggest we do? We are not willing to have them removed. We just want a clean and smell-free couch.



1 Answer

Hi there,

I would suggest feeding a whole chicken wing a couple of times a week. Plunge the chicken wing into boiling water beforehand to kill any bacteria on the outside, but no need to cook. Especially to NOT bake.

While pumpkin and fibre may make the faeces firm. A bony meal will make it firmer.

Another alternative is to learn how to express the anal glands yourself and do this a few times a week.

Hope this helps.


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