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Is what I'm feeding my Golden retriever good for her?

My 14 month old miniature golden retriever is a very fussy eater. She is not interested in dry food or can food. She only wants what we eat. I cook her mince meat and pasta and she also eats raw chicken necks, raw chicken livers and hearts. Is this a healthy diet for her. She is not over weight.


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Thank you for your question. I am sure many pet owners can relate to your dilemma! With regards to feeding her, if she has always been fed human food- it may be tricky to now change her over onto pet food.

Home cooked diets are certainly something that can be done for your pet.

I would recommend discussing with your vet in further detail as they will be able to advise what sort of foods to incorporate (and what food to avoid!) to enable a balanced diet for your mini golden retriever. You could also enquire about other potential diets to try for her- some food companies will have a money back guarantee on their food (for palatability) so may be worth trying that first!


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