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Is puppy school safe?

Please help!

I pick up my 8 week old standard labradoodle puppy next weekend and I have him booked in for puppy pre school a week later. He has had his first 6 week C3 vaccination therefore the vet has said he will be fine for puppy school (it's ran from the vet clinic. They advise it's in a sterile room and all other puppies are required to show proof of the first vaccination. However my dilemma is that the breeder has told me that this is a very bad idea and to stay away from puppy school until 2 weeks after final vaccination is complete. From the research I've done (albeit google) It seems the socialisation from 8-16 weeks is vital therefore I should take the risk with puppy school. Can you please let me know your advice? Thank you


1 Answer


Hi and thanks for your great question!

You are absolutely correct – socialisation for puppies is vital from 8-16 weeks of age. For this reason isolation, with no other canine contact, can be very detrimental for future interactions with dogs in adult life. Puppy school is usually very safe, especially when run from a veterinary clinic or other reputable organisation where all puppies are required to show documentation of up to date vaccinations. My only hesitation with puppy classes is that overly timid or dominant puppies can (if not properly supervised) have these traits reinforced through unsupervised puppy play time.

I would certainly recommend taking your little pooch to the classes, just be mindful of overly dominant behaviour towards smaller puppies to ensure that your labradoodle doesn’t develop any little dog aversions!


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