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Is our dog being bitten by mosquitoes and how to prevent it?

Our dog of a night time is coming inside with little bumps over his body. Varying is place and how many he has. They do not seem to bother him and in the morning they are gone. At his latest vet check the vet told us he believes our dog may be allergic to something and i am now wondering if it is all connected. Is possible to be mosquito bites? How do you prevents mosquito bites in dogs?


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Thank you for your question!

From what you have described, possible causes of little bumps over your dog's body could be a mild reaction to mosquito bites or perhaps hives.

Hives are an immediate allergic reaction to something that comes into contact with your dog's skin or is inhaled. They can appear anywhere over the body and are caused by insect bites or reactions to other things such as drugs and vaccinations, chemicals, plants or other irritants like shampoos. They are often itchy and although they are not life threatening they can develop into more serious problems or become more severe over time. Your vet can prescribe antihistamines to help minimise the reaction and may also recommend skin testing to identify what is the underlying allergen.

Mosquito bites cause swelling and irritation and can cause tiny bumps on the skin and although they are not much to be concerned about, these insects do carry more serious parasitic diseases. In dogs, the most serious is heartworm so ensure heartworm prevention is up to date at all times.

Prevention is better than cure, so in order to prevent mosquito bites, here are a few tips

Don't use human insect repellent on your dog (products that contain DEET are toxic for our furry friends); Your vet can advise you on insect- repellent products made specifically for dogs

Don't leave stagnant water around your home;

Always have water readily available for your dog and change it daily;

Avoid walking your dog during peak mosquito times (dawn and dusk and into the evening);

Switch night lighting off if your dog is outside as the light will only attract biting insects.

Dr. Alex Hynes


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