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Is my dog jealous?

Our 2 year old Golden Retriever is being a bit funny with the family of late. As the main carer of Rose - I walk her (twice a day), feed her (most of the time), bath and groom. For a good 12 months now she refuses to go for a walk with anyone else if I am at a home. If i'm not home she will gladly go with my husband or the boys. In the last couple of weeks when I am helping the boys with their school ties she gets in between us and does this noise, not a growl as such but a noise to let us know she is their (hard not to notice a 30kg dog wagging its tail standing in between us anyway). When the boys first get home from school and I greet them and we have a chat she once again will come between us and try and get my attention. Any tips on how to get on top of this behaviour?


1 Answer

You need to establish yourself as top dog in her pack. Start by doing some obedience training - sit, stay, drop, come. Start in a quiet environment and then work up towards a place with distractions. Go through doors before she does - block her with your body and teach her Wait. Eat before you feed her. Put the food bowl down and make her wait for the command to eat. Don't let her be at the same height as you, or above you - eg no lying on the lounge - she needs her own bed. And no sharing beds with you or the children.


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