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i think my dog could be blind?

My dog has been running into things a lot lately and sniffs his way around. I took him to the vet and was only in their for 2 minutes before he told me (without any examination that "your dog might be blind!" The vet didn't do much searching around to find out weather my dog is blind, or if it is something else causing my dogs vision to be poor. It sadness me to see that my dog sat outside in the yard the other day howling (on and off) which he never ever does. He lays there looking sad and this has upset me. I just want some clarification and hopefully some help for my maltese terrier dog. he will be 10 years old on the 20th of september this year and sadly now he can't even enjoy it.

Everywhere (other vets / places to take him) are so far to travel and i work everyday except friday. i would appreciate some help for my poor dog. (he was always full of energy, he does try to still show some sort of happiness but it saddens me to see him run into things, not fetch his bone and even cry outside cause he can't find his way back into his dog house.)

I would really like your help dr chris brown.

Thanks Laura


2 Answers


Hi Laura,

Thank you for your query. It is always upsetting to see our pets ‘out of sorts’. Dogs can develop conditions that will affect their eyesight and ageing can definitely be a contributing factor. It may be worth revisiting your vet if the problem hasn’t improved since you first went. Sometimes it might helpful for the vet to see a short video of your dogs behaviour to demonstrate how he is acting at home. If you have a smartphone I would advise this as the video may offer some insight to your veterinarian as to what is going on. Like humans, as dogs get older they can start to show senile behaviour, so the video would also help determine whether your little dog is showing any signs that would represent this. A full clinical exam performed by your veterinarian, including an ophthalmic exam should provide some clues to what is going on and then an appropriate plan can be put into place.

I hope you manage to get him back to his normal self very soon.

Dr Laura


Your dog sound blind to me


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