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How to treat fleas

our golden retriever has been suffering from fleas for a while and we have found a treatment that works but he gets them back within a couple of weeks is there any way to find out where he is getting them from and a better way to keep them off him other then the bath with the treatment shampoo?


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Hi Bree,

Thank you for your question.

Fleas can be so frustrating to get rid of can’t they?! It’s important to remember that the fleas you are seeing on your dog only represent 5% of the problem. The other 95% are eggs & larvae in the environment eg carpets, garden. The best way to address this is to follow these rules:

1) use a long lasting preventative treatment ie monthly

2) look for one that is fast acting ( the new generation oral chews are incredibly effective)

3) treat ALL animals in the household,

4) treat year round

Once you start these products you can still expect to see some occasional fleas on your boy over the next month as the immature stages in the environment will mature into adult fleas and be killed by the treatment once they jump onto him. These “new” fleas will be killed instantly before they can breed so the environment won’t be re-infested again. Winning!

- Dr Alex Hynes


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