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How to stop my dog scratching

I have a fox terrier cross Tenterfield and he scratches himself even after a bath and we've looked at his diet


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Hi there!

Thank you for your query. Owning an itchy dog is one of the most common reasons for visiting a vet. Scratching could be caused by a number of different things because just like us, they can suffer from allergies and skin diseases.

I would recommend a trip to your vet to discuss your dog's symptoms in more detail. You can help your vet by providing some key information such as; which body part does he scratch? When did the itch first develop? Does he scratch in spring/summer or is it all year round? What diet does he eat? Have you used flea treatment on him routinely? Are there other pets in the house?

All these questions can help your vet piece together what might be the cause of your dog scratching. From there, they may want to carry out some procedures such as skin scrapings, cytology of any lumps and possibly carry out blood tests. Once a diagnosis has been made, your vet will be able to put together a treatment protocol for your dog to help him.

Skin problems can be a nuisance at times but persistence and patience along with regular communication with your vet will get you there in the end!Regards,



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