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How to help a stray cat and tell that it's a stray?

Hi BondiVet team! Lately I've been seeing a cat who seems to be a stray. It also has a patch of fur missing from it's neck where some blood has dried to scabs. I am not sure if it is a stray but it seems to be very nervous around everyone and everything, running around every time I walk near it or make noise. It does not have a collar or anything but it also doesn't seem very slim from starvation.

Are there any ways of telling if it's a stray? And I do want to call the some of the feral cat services but I'm not sure what to do if it keeps running away from me. Any suggestions on how I could help this cat?


1 Answer


Hiya @Dogs4Life, thanks for your question - We would advise that you either contact your local council to collect the cat, or to take it to a local veterinary clinic yourself, but seeing as the cat keeps running away, contacting the council would be the best solution.

By contacting the council to help means that they can implement the correct processes to help try and find the cat's original owner.

Hope this helps!



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