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How far inland to avoid ticks?

Moving from Bendigo to Port Macquarie. Very concerned about ticks as i have dogs. May be a stupid question but how far inland to ticks live? Are they just along the coast? Thank you


1 Answer

Not a stupid question at all! Paralysis ticks can be lethal so your concern is well placed, especially given your geographical move up north as Port Macquarie is a definite hot spot for these nasty critters.

A recent study also showed that paralysis ticks are not restricted to the eastern seaboard with hotspots as far inland as Healesville and Gisborne in Victoria, so they’re certainly living further inland these days.

We are currently in the middle of tick season, which ranges from September through to April in Australia. During this time, pets should be checked daily for ticks. Run your fingers over the entire coat searching for small lumps on the surface of the skin. Pay particular attention to the head and neck and ensure you check between toes, ears, under the collar. In conjunction with a daily tick check, dogs in tick prone areas should also be treated with either a topical or oral tick preventative.

Your local veterinary clinic will be able to recommend the most suitable product for your dogs.


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