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How do i teach my Australian collie to fetch?

how do i teach my Australian collie to fetch?


1 Answer


Hi @woosagirl, great question!

Before you begin the training, it's best to check off this list before you and your pal start:

DO: Use a fav toy or ball

DON'T: Use a stick as this can be dangerous for dogs and may result in splinters and other injuries

DO: Bring some treats with you

DO: Check that the area you are taking your dog to allows for your buddy to be taken off their leash

DO: Be prepared to praise your dog ALOT!

To begin the training, shake the toy in front of your dog, to help show that it's an important object and your dog should want it.

Then when you throw the toy they should run after it - If they don't you can always walk your dog to the object and heap on the praise when they pick it up.

If your dog runs after the toy and picks it up, praise them and call them back to you. Once they arrive pull out a treat, they should drop the toy right away to get the treat.

When they do drop the toy call out "drop" as soon as it leaves their mouth, this will help the dog understand the command later into the training.

DON'T: Pull the toy from the dogs mouth

Keep up with praise and treats each time they return with the toy, gradually supply treats less and less until the command "drop" and praise is all they need.

Soon your buddy should fetch your toy and return it time after time!



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