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How do I successfully treat CCL injury in both back legs of my beautiful dog?

My Staffy X Mastiff rescue pup from the RSPCA has CCL injury in both back legs. I work full time and she's a difficult to lift 35kg, a beautiful fun-loving nature, intelligent, eager to please and just loves people.

She has done very little activity since the first CCL was diagnosed early in the year. I was told surgery was the only successful option. After researching the internet, conservative treatment seemed a possibility, as successful, and my only affordable option. There is not a lot of information as to how to create an effective program and my vet wasn't very helpful in this regard. She has fish oil, condroitin and glucosamine every day, along with green-lipped mussels.

Yesterday, after spending an hour with another dog, the other leg seems to have developed CCL as today I noticed she can't put weight on either back leg, or hold her weight to relieve herself.

I can't bear the thought of her being in continual pain and I don't want to have her euthanased if there is an alternative treatment.

Could someone please just help with options and some kind of program for successful healing. I don't want to lose my beautiful girl unnecessarily.


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