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how do I stop my puppy from hunting my chooks?

I am a foster carer for a 22 week old staghound x short haired pointer named Oscar. I have had him sice he was 12 weeks old and he is a lovely puppy.

Recently (since his testicles descended) he has been killing my hens. After much harassment of the rescue organization, he is being desexed next week.

My question is......will this stop him from killing my chooks? If not, is it possible to train him not to?

I have 4 other dogs and 3 of those are hunting breeds and none of them have ever tried to kill the chooks. Oscar fits in well with all of my other animals (horses and cat) & I was thinking of adopting him myself but I just cant have him killing the chooks.

Please advise me if the desexing is likely tohelp with this.


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