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How do I stop my dog from licking and chewing his paws?


I have a French bulldog, he just turned 2, ever since he turned 1 he has developed skin allergies and habits we can't control!

He scratches his side which at times comes up in welts, he rubs his body and face along the carpet which in turn turns red (fawn coloured coat) and he continuously eats/chews/licks his paws. He eats his paws of a morning and during the day when he's left to himself. When he sits with us he's normally asleep, as soon as he is no sitting on our laps he's at his feet.

We have tried different diets for long period of times, medicated shampoo, organic and natural shampoo and condition, boots, socks, cones, turmeric paste, home made sprays, bitter sprays, antiseptic creams and medication (cortisone and the new drug from the us helping sensitive skin dogs). Nothing is working. His skin settles at times but he's constantly at his feet. He knows he shouldn't be doing it so he hides and does it. Not only is it annoying to listen to, he marks the carpet and we don't know if it's now a habit or he's actually uncomfortable.

I'm at a loss on how to help him.

We contacted the breeder and she said it was common and to make the turmeric paste. But nothing's working.

The cone is making him act out and want to bite as he doesn't like it and he's now learnt to get to his back feet anyway.

Please help us!!

Thank you

Lauren Clarke


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