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How do I stop a male dog peeing inside?

I moved to a new house just under a year ago and I have gone from a large lawned back yard to a courtyard. I have also moved further from work so I am out of the house longer. My 7 year old male Maltese Shitzu "Buddy" pretty much pees inside everyday when I'm not there. I have tried locking him in the back yard but he just barks and he scratched/damage the fly screen of the sliding door (which is not good as I am renting). He has a doggie door which is happy to use but for some reason he just pees and sometimes poos inside. I've tried different products to take the smell out of the carpet and even put his bed where he pees so he wouldn't pee there. I have towels down everywhere and I have been brought to tears because I just don't know what else to do. I don't want to lock him outside but the problem is just getting worse. I thought it might be anxiety because when I am home, he follows me everywhere. please help ...


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I can empathise with your situation – toilet training can be exasperating, especially when you’re living in a rented house!

Dog toileting problems are usually very logical to the dog but often difficult for us to understand. Dogs are creatures of habit and if their routine is changed they will often exhibit signs of stress or seeming confusion as to what’s right and wrong.

There are a few reasons why Buddy may not be toileting in the courtyard when you’re out. If there is no to little lawn in your new place then he may simply think that the carpet resembles grass more than the hard surface in your backyard (I know my dogs have been guilty of this!). If he is following you around constantly then he may be suffering from separation anxiety when you’re not home and venturing into the courtyard may be too far from where he thinks you may reappear from. This can occur even when you’re home. You’re on the right track removing any scent of previous accidents properly and it’s great that he’s happy to use the dog door as many pooches take a while to adapt to these. To correct the problem and encourage him to toilet outside you need to be persist and present – taking him out often and rewarding the behaviour with a treat and positive tone of voice. You can also associate the act with a command like ‘wee’ or ‘toilet’ by saying this every time he does it outside. Eventually it will click that you want him to toilet outside and he will do it by himself. If all else fails you could invest in a pet loo. He would take to the artificial grass quite well and it would enable him to do his business inside but localise it one purpose built spot. I have used one of these for my two dogs and it worked very well.

Lastly, don’t give up! Buddy want’s to please you and he will be just as happy as you when he’s doing the right thing!


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