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How do I make my TM less aggressive towards me???????

I have an 18 month old TM male and he's now probably within the last 2-3 months been showing aggression towards me whenever I go out to feed him or clean up his mess, he lets me do it then when I go to re enter the house he then jumps up at me and starts to bite anywhere he can which obviously leaves bruises and marks on my arms as he's not a small breed, (I'm not sure whether he means to do this or whether he's annoyed that I'm going back inside but I can't stay out there while he's like that). Do you have any suggestions?? Just for your info he's an outdoor dog, causes too much destruction in the house, and he seems to be good with certain people when I take him for walks, it just depends on what sense he gets from the person. Thank you Angie.


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Hi Angie,

I am sorry to hear you are having a tricky time with your beautiful Tibetan Mastiff. It can be very distressing when you don’t understand why your darling doggie is behaving the way he is.

My suggestion would definitely be to head over to your local vet to have an in depth discussion about his long term behaviour and routine. We certainly don’t want you getting injured by his adolescent nibbling and we also want to make sure he’s a happy boy. These behaviours can be quite complicated. It may be stemming from an underlying separation anxiety or boredom/frustration considering he has had a history of destructive behavior (I assume whilst you are out of the house). However, without more information it is impossible to say.

A few things that you can keep in mind in the interim, is whether he is getting enough exercise, enrichment and training. Tibetan Mastiffs are high energy dogs that often do not cope being alone. Ensuring he has plenty of interaction with with his humans is very important. Playing games (fetch or tug), going for regular long walks/runs to exciting places and giving him tough food dispensing toys are all very stimulating activities for him. Doing this will help with boredom/frustration and will create a more content and relaxed dog.

He is still very young so will need to be trained to understand that mouthing is not acceptable. Taking him to obedience classes would be a great idea and they will have endless training tips for you. Trying to replace your hand with a toy that he is allowed to chew on is a good start. It is important to reward him for chewing the correct thing. This requires time and repetitive consistency for him to understand.

If you are not having success, be aware there are veterinary behaviourists that can help. They are veterinary specialists that can offer custom advice regarding your specific situation. If your little mate is suffering from anxiety, he may potentially need some anti-anxiety medication to help him whilst you do behaviour modification training with him.

I hope this helps you make a plan for your mate. All the very best! Let us know how you go.

Best wishes,

Dr Danni


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