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How do I make my cacatoo less agressive?

We are 5 at home: my wife, an agaporni, a kramer parrot, Moru the Alba cacatoo and me. Moru doesn't get on well with the two little birds so he is in another room and they have their own time to play out of the cage.

The problem is that Moru is sometimes quite angry and you can notice in his voice. When he is in bad mood he can bite you and this has happened twice with my wife and once in my case: strong ones with blood pooring. We have reduced the amount of food, giving some drops of aloperidol (name for the medicine here in Spain) and are trying to pay more attention only to him when we are alone at home but we would appreciate some advice.

We think that he is in love with me because he wants to spend most of the time with me but this is strange since he is a male. We are a little bit lost with the behaviour and want to improve his life. Sometimes when my wife is not at home, he makes some love approach to me and starts brushing against my skin. This seems love or excessive hormones but I am not sure. He looks more agressive with my wife when he chases for her back and trying to bite her.

Thank you so much and looking forward to your response.


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