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How do I get my dog home after a walk?

I have a 9 year old labrador who will refuse to come home after a walk. I walk him for at least 1 hour which we both enjoy, but he stops just at the end of the street (no matter which direction) and he can't be moved. He is approx 36 kilos so I cant not physically move him. He is not tempted by food and I often have to tie him up and pick him up the car. Each time I try a new trick it will work once, then he learns and refuses move to the next day... HELP! I'm at a loss, as I cant walk him anymore!


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Thank you for your question.

If we think of it from your dog’s point of view- being out on walk is exciting and fun for him, but going home is considerably less so! You want him to learn that going home does not always mean the end of the fun. So you need to create a situation where going home is VERY fun and rewarding for him.

Being a Labrador he probably loves food so giving him a delicious treat the moment he gets back to your house after a walk will be a good start. Then, rather than putting him straight in to the back yard, spend some time playing with him with his favourite toy or just making a big fuss of him for 10 minutes. He will start to associate coming home after a walk with an EXTRA dose of fun.

- Dr Alex Hynes


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