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How can we help our maremma who has extremely cow hocked legs?

Our 5 year old maremma was born with extremely cow hocked back legs. As he has grown, obviously a large dog due to breed, he has developed arthritis and has weakened muscles in his hips/legs. He currently has a series of steroid injections every 6 months for 4 weeks at a time and has pain meds in between if needed. He has also just started on 4cte for dogs. We have tried many different things like fish oil tabs etc, but nothing with too much success. We love our dog more than we can begin to express and will do anything to help him and prolong his time to what ever extent we can. We have seen some extremely treatments on the show for dogs who have completely lost the use of their back legs and wondered if there is anything more we can do/consider to help our dog?


1 Answer


Hi there!

I am sorry to hear that your lovely boy is struggling, it must be very hard to see him in pain. It sounds as though you are trying lots of different approaches for him which is great, although sometimes it can be difficult to get 100% resolution particularly when the conformation of his legs aren’t quite right.

If you haven’t already I would advise chatting further with your vet about the long term options for your dog. Your vet can tailor an exercise regime specifically for him. Physiotherapy and swimming may also be an option for him to help build up muscle mass on his back legs. He may end up requiring medication long term however with careful monitoring and checks with your vet, there is no reason he can’t continue to lead a long happy life with minimal pain.

Hope this helps.



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