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How can I treat my cat's cough?

My male siamie cat mesho has something likely cough but we couldn't treat it we took him to many vets but nothing changed and it began from about a year or more now it increases sometimes and sometimes it becomes rare is there a cure for him to live better?


1 Answer

Your cat Mesho’s cough may be due to many different underlying problems including his heart, upper airways or lungs. The trick is to determine the reason for the cough and then treatment may be able to be administered which decreases the symptoms and improves his quality of life.

The first place to start would be with a veterinary cardiothoracic specialist or veterinary internal medicine specialist. Most major cities have several of these specialists. With the appropriate advanced knowledge and diagnostic equipment these specialists would most certainly be able to offer you some explanation as to why Mesho is coughing and how it can be treated.

Best of luck.


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