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How can I keep my cat out of the Christmas Tree?

My 7 month old kitten keeps going into the Christmas Tree. Standard deterant sprays are not working. Its a fake tree.


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Hi Michelle,

Merry Christmas! It’s that time of year again where all cat owners are out there trying to fend off their furry friends from their Christmas tree and all its toppings!

It can be a very difficult thing to deter a kitten, or cat, from climbing a tree that is inside your house. This is every cat’s dream!

I have come across many different thoughts on how to deter cats from the Christmas tree. Some things work for one cat and not for another so see how you go, but there are lots of things to try! You could try placing a plastic carpet runner upside down, with the nobbles facing upwards, or a cat scat mat, on the floor around your tree to deter the kitten from getting close enough to climb onto it. Another option is sitting the base of the tree inside a box, wrapped up in Christmas wrapping paper of course, to make climbing onto the tree difficult to achieve. Also, avoid having objects nearby that they can launch from to get onto the tree. A door knob alarm hanging on the tree may also deter the kitten from climbing it again.

There is also the option of making the tree as “kitten safe” as possible and letting them enjoy the Christmas tree experience. This option certainly isn’t for everyone! To avoid your tree toppling over anchoring it to the ceiling/wall will help. Other things I would suggest are using ornaments that won’t break if they fall, and are not ingestible. I would also avoid using any tinsel, as this is commonly ingested by cats and can lead to an emergency trip to your vet. Christmas lights are another thing to protect them from. Aside from not using lights on your tree, you can try encasing the cords in plastic wire wraps, and rub some bar soap over exposed cord to deter your kitten. Obviously the only guaranteed way to avoid your kitten chewing the electrical cords is to not have any there, but these are just some other things that may help if you have your heart set on Chrissie lights.

If you have any concerns about your darling kitten and your Christmas tree over the festive season definitely contact your local vet for more specific advice.

I hope you and your family (both human and fur-family) all have a safe, happy and healthy Christmas!!

Best Wishes,

Dr Danni


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