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Help with Our Puppy from biting Alpha roll or not??

  • Our 12 week old male Springer Spaniel has been lunging biting at myself and 4 children not my partner though. He snarls bares teeth and growls the more i growl and tell him to sit and try to stop him he gets worse and punctures our skin causing wounds and ripping clothes. I have been told by the people we got him off i must submit him(alpha roll) at least 4 times a day to showing him im dominant over him i have to use a lean on him as he thrusts and bites to get out of my grasp it takes at least 5 mins for him to calm down. Im worried its only going to make him more fearful and aggressive in the future. He only displays this behaviour when hes hyped eg playing with his toy running around in the backyard and after walks. Hes otherwise a lovely dog its like a personality swjtch. It makes me scared when he does it because it hurts alot and the children have often screamed from the bites. We have toned down attention and play from the children but he's still doing it. Im worried if he bites my 3 year old on the face my son wants badly to play with him but cannot. Im actually wondering wether the safety aspect for the children is overriding if we should keep him

Its hard because we love him im just confused how to fix this behaviour and desperately need some advice please. We make him sit for treats and always try to swap his unwanted nipping for his toys but he seems to just want to go for us when he's in that mood. Please help us


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