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Help please

Have an ild femall foxie n a 6 yr old femal shitzu x maltese problem is that the maltese x shitzu is on heat and goes outside and tries to hump the foxie and then when foxie tries to get away or tries to get other dog off the maltese x shitzu starts to fight n attack the foxie n i have to pull her off the foxie,...

How do I stop this from happening???


1 Answer

Hi, this sounds like a tricky situation but I would recommend seperating the dogs when she comes on heat. Is it only when she is on heat or can this behaviour be at other times eg, around food? If it's just when she is on heat then hormones are likely the cause, in which case not much can be done other than seperating them. If she isn't a breeding dog then I would recommend having her desexed to avoid any serious fights from occuring not to mention reducing risks of pyometra infections ect.


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