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HELP HELP I don't know what to do

Hi Bondi Vet,

I'm in need for some serious help!

My poor pup Maverick isn't very well.

I have been to 5 vets in 12 months and no one can answer me so I'm hoping someone can help here.

When Maverick was 14 months old (a year ago from now) he was being cared by my sister in law. Being a typical crazy goldie when she was caring for him she noticed a change.

She raced him to her vet as she thought he may have injected something, tests were done and he seemed fine... until a few hours later when he was in ICU for 2 days.

They thought he has stomach pains. They gave us some meds and put him on morphone.

A few weeks passed and it happened again.

We raced him back and they didn't know. They tested for Addison's Disease but negative.

His symptoms seem to always be the same:

Gunky eyes

Nauseous (keeps chewing the air)

Doesn't eat

Doesn't drink

Really sick smell from the mouth

Puss like from his penis

And extreme temperature.

It happened again a few months later when my uncle was looking after him.

Multiple blood tests and nothing found again.

My uncles vet did too think it was related to a sensitive stomach and said we may need to do a biopsy.

Found another vet that said we had to change his diet. He could only have Royal Canin Analergenic. (His been on that for 10 months now)

In October again he was sick... same symptoms!

They said he had a liver infection and suggested if we aren't going to breed to consider desexing.

As soon as he was well we got that done (early December)

The Weather has been rather hot here but again he is unwell.

My vets recommended a stomach biopsy, abdominal ultrasound and endoscopy.

My poor dog is only 2 and has been so unwell for a year. I was hoping that anyone that could possibly have had a goldie in the same situlation Help us out.

It's to heartbreaking to see and so unfair for him.

Any feedback would be soooo very appreciated.




2 Answers


Hi Danielle,

I can understand your concern – it sounds like Maverick has been through so much in such a short time.

From your description, Maverick’s symptoms appear to be non-specific and general with several body systems being affected which means that the list of possible causes is quite long. His multiple veterinary visits would have included a thorough physical examination and blood test at the time of his relapses and as you mentioned nothing specific was found. This can be frustrating, especially with veterinary patients who can’t tell you how they feel but your vets plan to perform further testing with an abdominal ultrasound and endoscopy sounds like the best next step.

Often, solving a challenging case such as Maverick’s involves a process of elimination so even if a test comes back as ‘normal’ it can still provide us with a lot of information and greatly assist in arriving at a final diagnosis and treatment plan.

Unfortunately, challenging cases can be costly to investigate and this is one of the difficulties we face as veterinarians everyday. The professional advise you have received sounds excellent so I would hang in there and continue with further testing to get to the bottom of little Maverick’s problem.

Best of luck.



I wanted to tell u my girl story maybe it will help u with yours.

I have a Boston she suffered from severe allergies. She was on meds twice a day and dermatologist after many thousands of sollars of tests thwy still did not know what it was the vet put her on rayal canin same as yours. She was a little better but she lost weight because she did not like the food. I started research and research I realized the food was making her sick. Royal canin as main ingredient is corn. She was on this food for 3 years. Not wa hell for her.

After so much research i learned that they should not eat corn, soy, potatoes. wheat,i tried these brands. Primal, acana, signature, pure vita. Nulo (freeze lamb liver)

I also learned that organs are very beneficial and have tons of vitamins and minerals they need.

This is what i do, I buy

Any kibble or freeze dried food from the brands I mentioned. i buy fresh liver and chicken hearts, i steam cook them along with pumpkin and carrots. I do half kibble and half of this food i keep the liquid from steaming and mix it and (according to your dogs size) i make the batch for the day and do half morning half at night.

I make a good size batch enough for two weeks and freeze it. (I have enough for three days and thaw as i go)

It took a couple of months for her better but within a few days her overall behavior and demeanor changed. I dont do any meds anymore and she is good. If i do a treat is freeze dried lamb, sprats.

I go to the latino market dor the liver and hearts kidneys. Cheaper and fresh.

This has changed her life. And we have ot been to the dr in two years.


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