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Help for Bella

Hi avid fan. I have rescued a red Kelpie from a horrid puppy farm and as soon as we did I noticed her leg. She was skin and bones with sores all over her tail and ears and her toenails were warn down to the joints. Worst of all her little front leg was dislocated and had been for a long time as the "people" we got her from later said once confronted that "oh no she's fine she's always been like that" The vet here xrayed her leg for us and said we have to wait to do the surgery till she's 6-9mths and that the joint needed to be fused and it would cost $3000 approximately. Because it's been out so long they can't just pop it back in. Do you know of any way we can get help to pay for this surgery or do you know of other options she is an adorable smart little pup who doesn't deserve the rough start she had and will forever have scars to remind us of how strong a pup she is to go through the abuse and just keep fighting.


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