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Have you encountered a cat that pulls it's fur?

Hi Bondi Vet,

My cat Raine has been pulling out her fur now for quite some time. She is spayed and five years old this month; she started the behavior at around age 3. She usually pulls it from her bum area and certain areas of her back. We took her to the local vet where she received a shot of allergy treatment (cannot recall the name) that did not work and the vet could offer no other answers as her skin looks fine and she pulls the fur clean off. I have heard of feline hyperesthesia, however, it does not seem serious enough for it to be the cause since it is only specific areas of her body.

Raine is otherwise happy and healthy with no stress and no fleas. Have you ever seen this behavior in your clinic before?

I have attached a photo of a clump of fur she recently pulled

Thank you.

Susan from Canada.


1 Answer


Hi Susan, just to let you know we've passed your question onto out team who will endeavour to answer as soon as.



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