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Frenchy with skin promblems

I have a Frenchy (Nano) he has something like a scab (i send you a pic), we have no idea what is. We have treated like a fungus but it has not disappeared. We have done a biopsy and expect results. Have you seen something like this?

Thanks in advance!!!

Pablo from Spain


2 Answers


Hi Pablo, just to let you know we've passed your question onto out team who will endeavour to answer as soon as.




Hello there,

Ouch- poor Nano! It is always hard to tell what has caused a scab just by looking at it. Your veterinarian would have probably asked you numerous questions that would help them try and piece together what may have happened/caused it in the first place.

Skin lesions can occur due to many different things and a biopsy is a good step to help reveal what is causing this scab in Nano. In the meantime, keep a close eye on him to make sure he doesn’t traumatise the area and make it worse, as he could then end up with a secondary infection and require medication.

I’m sure the results will be back soon and then the appropriate treatment (if required) can be started.


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