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Flea Treatment in Winter


I give my dog flea treatment 'Bravecto' every 3 months and wondered do I need to in the cooler months winter. I live in a cooler climate of Victoria.

Thanks in advance



1 Answer


Hi Naomi,

Thank you for your question.

Believe it or not fleas can live all year round which is why veterinarians will usually recommend you keep up flea prevention treatments even during those cold months where it seems like nothing can flourish- not even the hardy flea!

Here are two reasons to use flea treatment all year around

  1. Fleas can live outdoors in temperatures as low as zero degrees for several days- if they manage to find a warm dog body that has come outside for a toilet break during that time, they will happily latch on and come into your nice warm home.
  2. Flea eggs are very resistant to harm and lay dormant in between cracks of the floor or in the soil under the house waiting for the right conditions to hatch.

The chances of your dog or cat getting fleas in the wintertime is considerably lower than in the warmer months. The problem is that if your dog DOES pick up fleas and brings them into your home during that time then it could be far more costly and annoying to rid your home (and your dog) of fleas than the cost of paying for preventative tablets all year long.

- Dr Alex Hynes


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