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Feeding British bulldog

How much should we feed our 2 & half year old british bulldog. She is 26kg.

We only just had her gof a few weeks. Have been told that her current weight is ok.



1 Answer


Hi Meg,

It must be very exciting at your house having a new member of the family around!

It is wonderful that you are keen to get your British Bulldog onto the correct diet from the beginning! I would recommend having a discussion about specific diets at your local vet when you go for a check-up with your new mate.

I personally recommend feeding a commercial dog food that is nutritionally balanced and specifically suited to your darling. British Bulldogs are a medium breed dog that have a VERY good appetite, stocky frame and often have issues with their joints. Therefore, it is important that their diet is targeted to them. We want to promote good bone and joint health, as well as control their calorie intake. We want to maintain a lean body condition to take the pressure off their musculoskeletal system. I also tend to suggest dry food as opposed to wet food for dental health.

Be aware that not all commercial diets are equal. This is where your vet will be able to steer you in the right direction. Diets that have a AAFCO statement and are transparent with their nutritional content are advisable. This can be very difficult for pet owners to decipher so chatting to your local vet will certainly help.

If you have your heart set on feeding a home cooked diet, speak to your local vet about organising a recipe from a veterinary nutritionist that will be nutritionally balanced with the appropriate calories and supplements etc.

I hope you have fun with your new mate! Give her a big cuddle from me!

Best wishes,

Dr Danni


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