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I just want to say how much I enjoy this program. I love viewing the unusual pets such as the two legged dog who recently retired, the lady who cares for 1,000 cats, the dog who skateboards and skims and the many other caring people out there who rescue and take care of animals.

It is great to see the many caring pet owners out there and the joy there animals bring to them along with the emotional attachments they have with their pets.

The many people and vets who take care of animals performing surgeries and general well-being you are all doing a fantastic job.

I love how Dr Chris supports those with refuge homes for animals supporting these people.

My congratulations to you all.

I have only recently become a fan of this show.


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Thanks for getting in touch with us. We really appreciate the great feedback. It's always nice to know that our fans are enjoying the show.

We hope you continue to enjoy the program.



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