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Excessive fluid in abdomen.

My DOGUE DE BORDEAUX who is 3.5 yrs old has a large amount of fluid in his abdomen but the rest of this body looks anorexic. He doesn't seem to have any pain but generally he has never been one to show it even if there was. We have done a heart worm test, fluid extraction, blood test, x-rays and even ultrasounds on his abdomen & heart. So far there is nothing indicating what it could be to my vet and even the specialists we were referred to cannot pin point what it is. They have only told me a few different things it could be such as rare cancers or rare diseases. The only thing that showed in the blood test was low protein. We had him on diuretics and heart medication which very, very slowly released some of the fluid and gave him a little more energy. All this trial and error is getting quite costly, so i was hoping you could give some insight or advice on what to do.


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