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Ear Blockage in Grass Parakeet

Hello from Canada – I am the proud owner of a 12 year old spoiled rotten Bourke’s Parakeet, who lives the “Life of Riley” here in his condo apartment in Ottawa. About 6 years ago, Max started exhibiting some distressing behaviours, including losing his ability to fly properly. The vet didn’t seem to know what the issue was, but about a year later I discovered his ear was blocked on the right side. When I brought him back to the vet, a lady avian vet examined him and then took him to another room to remove the blockage. Well – I think she was the most shocked person in the room. It was a cone shaped mass that was as hard as a rock and almost as big as his little head. She didn’t have much of an explanation for it other than it must have been a buildup of some sort from a chronic infection that he would have had for years. I am curious to know if anyone down under would have seen or heard of such a thing. I have a photo that I can send of the mass.


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