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Dog itching and losing hair

Our border collie has an itchy patch on the back near his tail which he bites and scratches and he has lost hair in that place. He has had flea treatment but a vet told us that it could possibly be the type of lawn we have in the backyard. Any thoughts as this has been going on for over a year now and we can't take him to the vet as he is not very keen on new people


1 Answer

Hi there! Great question! I'd first recommend treating your lovely border collie with a good quality flea/mite product that you can purchase from your local vet. Then I would wash all his bedding above above 60 degrees, and vacuum all the carpet and lounge areas of your house. If he has allergies to fleas it can take just one flea to set off his allergies! If that doesn't settle it down, you can visit your vet to purchase antihistamines to treat his itch. He could be allergic to the environment or plants in your yard as your vet suggested, in that case the antihistamines with help with that also. I hope that helps!


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