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Dog has been shot

Our 12 month old Staffy cross was shot with a 22 bullet when he wondered from our large 40 acre property in QLD. We took him to the vet and after x-rays it was confirmed to be too close to the spine to operate and could do more damage having surgery at this time so we were told we would have to wait it out to see if the tissue grows over the bullet and fragments or if the bullet heads towards the entry site at which time surgery could be performed closer to the skin surface. We were told this could take a long time even years and he was put on pain killers indefinitely. However he is in so much pain he cries out and obviously the fragments and bullets are pressing on his nerves as he arches his back and he can hardly walk on certain days and different legs are affected on different days. Somedays he can walk with a limp and an highly arched back but the next day he has two legs he can not put pressure on at all and cries and can hardly walk at all It feels really wrong letting him being in this kind of pain even on pain killers and he has no life for a 12 month old dog, he just lies and sleeps all day to take the pressure off the bullet and fragments. It has been around 3 months since being shot and his mobility and pain seems to be getting worse not better.

What can we do different or is what the vet said correct. Please help. Thanks. P


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