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do you know anything about degu's?

I have 4 pet degu's. 3 of them are very healthy but one has been quite ill the last couple of days. Where I live there are no vets that know anything about them to treat him. First thing in the morning when I fed him he was perfectly fine then after a couple of hours he started to look like he was choking, grinding his teeth a lot and struggling to breathe. Later that night he started to get worse, there was blood coming out of his mouth and I thought that he had given up because he wasn't moving. He also wont eat or drink, I tried to get him to drink from a syringe. He still wouldn't take it. Its now been 3 days and he doesn't seem to be getting any better but he is able to walk and get about. I still haven't seen him eat or drink. I really don't know what to do so if you could offer some help and advice that would be great.



2 Answers

Sorry to hear about your degu. It sounds like it could be a number of things, and without going to the vet it will be very to hard to figure out exactly what the issue is.

I would be surprised if a vet could not offer some kind of advice, even if it was general rodent information.

Has he gotten any better?



Hi Kristy,

It sounds like your poor Degu is quite sick. Rodents have a very fast metabolic rate and need to eat often so 3 days of reduced or absent food intake is quite concerning. You described difficulty breathing as one of his symptoms as well as blood coming out of his mouth. This may be associated with an upper respiratory tract disease which are common in rodents.

Treatment includes oral antibiotics and supportive care with some rodents completely recovering and others falling ill again once the antiobiotics finish. Without treatment, most patients have a very poor prognosis suffering unnecessarily as they continue to decline.

I know you said that you live in an area where there are no vets that know how to treat Degu's but are you able to get to a vet that treats rodents such as mice,rats and guinea pigs? Most vets have some experience treating these more common household pets which are very similar to Degu's.

I hope your little friend feels better soon.



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