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Digging Dog...

I have a female adult German Shorthaired Pointer, who is 8 years old.

She has recently started to dig up the stone pathways in my backyard ( access to the front and garage). It's making a real muddy mess! There is a grassed area which she hasn't touched......

We have lived here for over 12 months- and haven't had any issues until the last few weeks. She has a buddy to play with ( my older Pointer who is 11yrs old), and is walked every morning...

She is an anxious dog at times, and gets very overexcited when i get home.

Is it a behavioural issue, or do you have any suggestions I could try?


1 Answer

This could be a boredom issue. As your older dog is probably slowing down a little, he might not be providing as much "entertainment" as your girl requires.

Usually with shorthairs, more mental and physical activity is the answer.

I'd also try adding some new entertaining features to your yard when you are away, a wading pool, new toys, treat balls, large meaty bones to chew, hidden food to be "discovered" during the day.

Or perhaps a couple of hours at doggy play group could help.


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