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Dachshund Anxiety??


We have a 5 yr old female mini dachshund who in the first 6 mths of having her, cost us $2000 in vet bills as she developed what the vets said was an intolerance to protein. 4 years on, she has had several minor fits, stiffening and glassed eyes and only once had a drooling session. These can vary from 2 weeks apart to 8-9 months apart and we can tell if one is looming as she becomes very clingy in the days leading up to is. She has also developed a 'habit' of licking her front elbows to the point where she has licked all the hair off her legs and chest. She has also regularly got red ears and now a dry spot on her head.

we have been to the local vet several times, who diagnosed her with dermatitis, however, between steroids and the other expensive medication she's been on, it has not solved ANY issue at all. We are thinking its more of an anxious trait she has developed and its now habitual as well.

we are at a loss as to what direction to take now, without it costing us a bomb, but wanting to solve the issue to create a better lifestyle for her, and for us as her owners. She is predominately an indoors dog, with time spent outside on nice sunny days. very much a snuggle dog and prefers to be hot in temp.

I look forward to any suggestion/direction that you may provide to help us solve this issue. Please ask further questions if required. Thank you for your time.



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