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Cutting dogs toe nails

When my groomer cuts my dogs toe nails they use a special kind of clipper. Can i just use regular ones or do you have to use those ones. What's the difference?


2 Answers

If you have a small dog the it should be ok. Larger dogs with bigger nails might be a little trickier. Proper trimmers aren't that expensive online if you look around :)



Hi Madsfinch

The short answer is you should never use human nail clippers on a pet.

Our nails are flat and dogs nails are round so our nail clippers tend to shatter and splinter a dog’s nails.

The best nail clippers to use for dogs are the secateurs style as these will cut through the nail without pulling or crushing. The guillotine style are okay but I find these tend to pull the nail if the dog jerks their arm away when you’re just about to cut.

While we’re on the topic of nails, just remember that you don’t want to cut them too short as this will make the nail bleed and your dog will be very reluctant to allow any pedicures in the future.

If you are at all unsure, it’s best to get a lesson from your local veterinary clinic, or check out this quick tip for more information.


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