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Confused about what to feed my kittens!

Hi. We adopted a beautiful kitten (ragoll), who is now 17 weeks old, and are getting a 12 week old russian blue this week. I like to be informed when deciding on what's best for my pets, however, there is SOOOO much contradictory information out there about what to feed or not feed cats I am now not sure what is best! some say 'raw diet' is best, and avoid all tinned wet foods - so we buy quality cat meat with added vitamins etc. and supplement that with good quality kitten biscuit. However, alot also say raw meat is no good; and the breeder of the second kitten we are getting has her cats on Royal Canin kitten biscuits and the gravy kitten sachets. She also mixes in a little cooked rice, shredded chicken breast & sweet potato (small amount) each meal. Now alot of my research says avoid grains / carbs with cats..... but we want both our kittens on the same diet and now just don't know which way to go! LOL! so my question is - what is best? Is raw meat bad or ok (when fed correctly, right temperature etc.)?


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Hello sstickman,

The good old diet debate is confusing you I see! I am not surprised as there is a lot of information out there and many diets to pick from. How can you possibly know which is the right way to go?

When looking into information on the internet it is important to be aware that just about anyone can put their thoughts out there, so you need to filter out what is scientifically valid verses information that has not been clinically proven. For this reason, it is a good idea to organise a time to chat to your local vet about what the current advice is based ofscientifically proven evidence. This way you don’t need to waste your precious spare time on sieving through the internet!

As far as what to feed your little Ragdoll and Russian Blue kittens (they must be so cute!), it is extremely important that they are fed a nutritionally balanced diet to prevent developmental diseases from rearing their heads. I personally recommend commercial diets that have clinical studies to prove their nutritional status, such as diets that have a AAFCO statement. The commercial component of the diet your breeder had been feeding your kitten would be perfectly adequate for both of your kittens, so you could certainly continue with that option if that suits you. This would give you peace of mind that it is nutritionally balanced for your little munchkins at this time in their life.

If you are keen to go with a raw food diet, it is important to understand that not all raw food diets are equal or nutritionally balanced. Currently, there are no clinically proven benefits of raw-food diets, but there certainly are proven risks. If you do go with a raw food diet, I would suggest getting a recipe from a veterinary nutritionist to avoid nutritional imbalances. There are also food safety concerns with the raw meat component, which could not only make your kittens unwell but potentially cause you to be unwell also. Safe food handling is really important to minimise those risks. If the diet involves raw bones, I would advise they be ground to avoid risks of obstructing/perforating the gut and/or fracturing their teeth.

I have no doubt that this is still information overload and you may have many more questions! Pet diets are a very confusing and controversial topic. This is my personal advice but certainly head on over to your local trusty vet for further conversation and guidance around how to best feed your little darlings.

I hope this has been helpful for you! I wish you and your little Ragdoll and Russian Blue a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Best wishes,

Dr Danni


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