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Clipping Kelpie dog

I Have a 5 year old kelpie and we live on the gold coast . He was constantly dropping hair so we clipped him last summer for the heat and hair loss around the hous . He seemed to be happy and my floors were not covered in hair . I was about to do this again but I was told because they have double coats I should not clip him . Have I damaged his coat??

he is still a appy dog

with thanks

deb foskett


1 Answer

I think he should be fine. I know with double coats you should just give them a thorough brush to help the top coat fall away. In some cases, shaving can actually be counterproductive to keeping them cool as sun is less likely to reach the skin with an outer layer. Not sure if this is the case with Kelpies though. Also, sometimes the coat can grow back in patches. Did his coat grow back normally?


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