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Cavoodle puppies


can you please advise where can i buy a cavoodle puppy, do you know any good breeder.




3 Answers


Hi Ravi, depending on where you live, there may be a local Cavoodle group on Facebook that may be a good place to start.

These groups usually have get togethers for owners and non owners to meet up, chat and advise on the best places to help find Cavoodles needing a forever home. Hope this helps.


Thanks Damien,

I live in west pennant hills area in Sydney, I am not on the facebook. Do you know any good breeder in NSW. I'm looking for a breeder who can show me pups parents and both parents checked and tested for serious issues such as PRA, Mitral Valve Disease. I am ok to buy a puppy from anywhere in Ausralia however prefer NSW, I just want to see the parrents before I can make my decision, appreciate your help. thanks Ravi


Sydney Cavoodles are sensational and have great puppies that are well looked after. Kelly is the breeder and she is great.


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