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Cat has bumps on her nose

Hi! My female 10month old cat has little bumps across her nasal ridge. These look like bug bites almost but was wondering if they may be something else and what I can do to treat it?


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Hi Emily,

Sorry to hear your little darling has some little bumps on her nose. There are a lot of different things that could be causing this. I would definitely suggest taking her to your local vet for a thorough work up.

Lumps on the skin of her nose could be due to allergies, infection (bacteria, fungi, parasites – including insect bites, viral), immune mediated disease, or possibly something more sinister (unlikely considering her age).

Chatting to your vet in more detail about her environment, diet, parasite control etc would be important to pick up on clues as to what could be going on. A physical exam to ensure there are no other lesions hiding elsewhere, and possibly some skin tests may be necessary to determine what is causing those bumps.

Something to do in the interim is to check she is up to date with parasite control. Depending on where you live and your environment, different parasites would need to be covered. This is something to discuss this with your local vet. Parasites such as fleas and mites are important to consider. If mosquitos are prominent where you live they could also be the culprit!

I hope you can get to the bottom of what these cheeky little bumps are and can come up with a treatment plan with your local vet.

All the very best to you and your little mate,

Dr Danni


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