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Can you please help us?

Dear Dr Chris, I am writing to you and requesting your help on behalf of my girlfriend and I in regards to our 4 month old British shorthair kitten named Eugene, who in the last week has lost the use of his back legs. We have taken baby Eugene to our local VET clinic and a few advanced VET specialists in Melbourne and all are unsure of what the exact cause may be. Nearly all are saying that it could have been caused from trauma or possibly a bacterial or fungal infection in his spine which is causing him to lose the mobility and sensation in his hind legs. This issue is also causing Eugene to become constipated and is making it extremely difficult and painful for Eugene to use his kitty litter and it means that he requires Microlax to help with his bowel movements. As we have taken baby Eugene through various procedures of x-rays, urine samples and blood tests while being medicated with Clavulox, Metacam, KY Jelly and Microlax and although it seems evident that the issue is located in his lower spine, we have not yet come any closer to finding the exact cause of the problem and our greatest fear is that Eugene may be suffering from leukaemia. Tomorrow we will be taking Eugene for his first MRI scan in hopes of discovering exactly what the problem is and hopefully begin making the first real steps on the road to recovery. As this is an extremely scary and stressful time for all of us with the added expenses for Eugene's treatments I felt that I had to reach out for further advice or assistance in this unique case. I am not asking for a definitive diagnosis or any miracles but we will do anything to help our little kitten and at this stage any advice or recommendations would be greatly appreciated as the time has come that we are now very desperate. Thank You and Kindest Regards,Darcy, Mollie and Eugene.


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Hi Darcy, sorry to hear about poor Eugene - you are doing the right thing going for an MRI scan to determine what the issue might be - Until then it's best not to speculate the issue, but once you get the MRI results back please do not hesitate to contact us again.

Hope this helps a little. Team BondiVet


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