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Buldging eyes in a Labrador

When watching your show (recently) in Canada, you had on a Yellow Lab with bulging eyes. The canine eye specialist that the dog was referred to gave the owner a bag of "little blue pills" and said in a few days you should notice a difference.

I have a black lab with the same problem, plus the eyes are always bloodshot. We have been to the canine eye specialists in this area. They have helped some, but have not cleared up the problem. They have never offered a little blue pill.

I would like to know what that pill was and ask my vet if that would be a possible solution for my lab. If possible could you please give me the name of the pills so I can pass that along to my vet.

Thank you



1 Answer


Hi Phil, thanks for your question - It would be wrong of us here at Bondi Vet to give suggestions to your Lab's condition and to prescribe a solution without seeing your pet.

There are quite a few drugs that are blue in colour - Rest assured that your vet will be the person best placed to know which drugs and and aren’t right for your dog.



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