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Base narrow canines in Cavoodles>

Are Cavoodles prone to base narrow canines due to them being a result of cross breeding with a long snout dog and a broad snout dog?


1 Answer

Thanks for your interesting question. Base narrow canines refers to dental deformity whereby the lower canines (long teeth) do not tilt outwards as they should but instead point straight up. This leads to varying degrees of damage to the upper gums and palate which are in contact with the malformed lower canine.In severe cases surgery is necessary to correct the misaligned teeth. There are two main causes for this condition. The first being retained deciduous (baby) canines which inturn cause the corresponding adult canine tooth to grow on the wrong angle. This can happen to any breed including cavoodles. The second cause is brachygnathism where the lower jaw is shorter than normal compared to the upper jaw. Breeds commonly seen with this condition include Collies and Dachshunds but any breed can be affected.


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