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Back pack to carry dog comfortably

Dear Bondi Vet members

I saw an episode whilst in Spain recently where a small to medium dog was carried on the back of a motorcycle using a special backpack with the four legs pointing over the back wheel . The dog seemed quite comfortable with the set up.

My eight year old Tibetan terrier seems to be of a similar size to the canine in the episode and recently had an operation on her rear leg (ACL joint ) which means she can't walk as far as she used to . If the Bondi vet staff feel it is OK to carry her to the park , on foot not motorbike, using a similar back pack where can I get a reasonably priced one or the plans for it ?



1 Answer


Hi Alan

Unfortunately we aren't able to endorse any specific products, however there are plenty available if you look around online (just look up pet backpack). The problem may be finding one that is suitable for your pet considering they have an injured leg. This is something that you will have to ask your vet in person as they are up to date on your pets limitations.

Good luck finding one that is suitable.


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