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Baby crow (strong & healthy) with wing broken part way along

16/12/2016 -

I saw a baby crow with broken wing on the river bank about 10days/2 weeks ago. I

went back to get it but it was not there. Today 10 days later it was there & it is is

really strong & healthy but can't fly. After surviving foxes for all that

time I think it deserves to live. I have it in a cage on our property. It can flap its wings but the left wing is

hanging part way down. I will try & get the local Vet (Macleay Valley Vets

- Kempsey) to fix it's wing so it can be released. I heard you recently

repaired a bird with a broken wing using a toothpick & glue. Do you have

any details if I can get the Vet to try & fix it. (or yourselves - great

diving up here at fish rock Chris!) I will pay & bring bird to you - the

tough little bird definitely deserves to live now!


Peter Christian,

South West Rocks

65604206 work

0411 092028 mob


1 Answer


Hi Peter

Your local vet is definitely the right place to start. They should be able to treat the baby crow. Another option is a service such as the RSPCA.

All the best.



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